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Transform your life

This blog has one primary purpose: To help you transform your life!


Welcome to my blog. I am the mother of 2, and the Ma-mere (grandmother) of 3. I am a Gynecologist who works a regular workweek, just like most of you. I have been teaching, mentoring, supporting and coaching people for over 30 years.

I help people transform their lives; some physically, many mentally. I am a coach’s coach. I am a life-long learner. I am student of life, people, the Bible, as well as other religious and spiritual texts, a seeker of knowledge, wisdom and truth, blessed with a discerning spirit and a lot of common sense.

My hopes for this blog are many:

1. To provide a place to organize my thoughts and to become more intentional in how I proceed in the world.

2. To provide a record of the lessons and valuable insights I have learned over the course of my life, and to teach and share with others. On a more personal note, perhaps one day my children and / or grandchildren may find some value in these lessons and share them with their offspring, friends and workmates.

3. To share and collaborate with a wider community of like-minded people, so that we can continue to learn with and from each other as we each continue to be blessings to others. I firmly believe that we are blessed so that we may be a blessing to someone else! We walk in the Light so that we may share it.

4. To use the Bible as the valuable teaching tool that it is to improve our lives. Many people don’t enjoy learning or being taught Bible lessons. Here, I hope to help you digest some of these scriptures, see what is inside the stories, encourage you to read and think about scripture a little differently, and translate them into valuable life and leadership lessons.

5. To provide guidance through some of life’s thornier and embarrassing issues.

6. To build community.

I am here to help you answer three main questions:
  • How are any texts, ancient or modern, relevant to my everyday life?
  • How do I apply lessons from my readings to my current set of circumstances and situations? Where can I find real help for what’s going on right now?
  • What are some of the next actionable and do-able steps that I can take to move my life forward, or at least in the direction I want to go?

Please join me as a participant in this journey by suggesting topics, sharing content and insights, commenting, providing me with honest feedback, and digging a little deeper to answer the questions we pose to each other, and to ourselves.

May our time together be richly blessed.

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Peace and Grace,

I am available for speaking, writing and book reviews (Amazon, GoodReads).

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