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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Exodus 2:11-3:22; Matthew 17:10-27; Psalm 22:1-18; Proverbs 5:7-14 (New Living Translation)

Old Testament text

1. Moses grew up knowing he was Hebrew, despite the fact that he grew up in the Pharaoh's household. He always knew who he was...Do you know who you are?

2. He saw the oppression of his people, and took matters into his own hands, he killed an Egyptian. He though no one saw him. But, you know whenever we do something "not quite right" someone always seems to know or find out.

3. The Pharaoh finds out and tries to kill Moses. He ran away to Midian (remember them from the story of Joseph).

4. He acts kindly toward some shepherd girls who were being bullied, and ends up becoming a member of their family. Reuel gives him one of his daughters, Zipporah, in marriage. They have a son who they name Gershom (meaning, I have been a foreigner in a foreign land).

5. Many years pass, the old Pharaoh is dead, but of course they get a new one.

6. The people cry out to God, who now "remembers" His covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He puts His plan into place.

7. Moses sees the burning bush, which isn't being consumed by the flames. From the middle of the bush a voice calls his name. What's his response, "Here I am!" Sound familiar. You have got to love these patriarchs and this seemingly simple, and at the same time all-encompassing answer. "Here I am."

8. This is not to say that they get it all done. Or that they get it all done perfectly. Or that they never stray from the path. These are after all human beings, with human faults and weaknesses.

9. Anyway, the Lord wants him to go back to Egypt to free his people, God's people.

10. Moses does protest a little. "Who am I that I should appear before the Pharaoh?" God ell him, it doesn't really matter who you think you are, because I am with you.

11. Well then, who shall I say sent me..."I Am Who I Am", Yahweh.

12. God assures him again the he will be with him, and that when they leave it will be as if they had plundered the Egyptians. They will leave with so much treasure.

New Testament text

13. Poor Jesus. He's always trying to explain things to the disciple. Elijah came to Him during the transformation, but the "Elijah tat the gospels refer to as the forerunner of Jesus was John the Baptist.

14. Once again He tells the disciples that their faith is too small...little faith. If it were bigger they would be able to work miracles themselves.

15. He talks about the upcoming crucifixion and resurrection.

16. He pays the temple tax with 2 coins from a fish.

Psalm 22

17. Many scholars believe that this is the Psalm that Jesus was referring to while on the cross. "My God, my God, why have you abandoned (forsaken) me...." But it pretty well describes the scene at the cross.


18. We continue our lesson on being around immoral women (people)...they are merciless. They will consume your money and your wealth.

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