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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Numbers 2-3:51; Mark 11:27-12:17; Psalm 47:1-9; Proverbs 10:24-25 (New Living Translation)

Old testament

1. How to set up camp...around the Tabernacle.

2. How to organize the march.

3. Geneology of Aaron and Moses. Remember that Aaron had lsot 2 of his sons.

- The tribe of Levi will attend to the furnishings of the Tabernacle.

- The trobe of Levi will stand in for the firstborn of the Israelites who belong to God. They are consecrated by His destruction of the firstborn of the Egyptians.

- The Levite number 22,000. The real firstborn males of the Israelites number 22,273.

- The extra are redeemed with a set price of silver to be paid to the Tabernacle.

New Testament

4. Mark has already established a theme with his first two stories. How can it be that Israel's faith, rooted in God's Old Testament revelation, had become futile and empty? What was it that had distorted in practice the beauty of the faith God Himself had revealed?

5. Empty authority.

- The chief priests and religious teachers had never commissioned or recognized Jesus, So they liked to think that He spoke without any real religious authority. This despite the fact that Jesus did speak as a Man with authority, unlike their official leaders. Jesus question to them showed how empty their "authority" was. The obvious answer, to anyone who has spiritual authority is that John's baptism derived ultimately from God. So anyone who exercises authority must refer to God and God's will in making his decisions.

6. Misuse of authority. (Parable of the evil farmers)

- Jesus told the parable of the person who prepared the land and planted a vineyard. The leaders realize that Jesus has spoken this parable against them, and became even more determined to arrest Him. They had not used their authority as God's agenst to serve Him at all! They had misused their authority, seeking only their own benefit. Their fathers had been willing to kill God's servants, the prophets, and now this generation was eager to kill His only Son!

7. Hipocrisy.

- The Pharisees and Herodians came to try to trap Jesus. The Herodians were a political party that beleived in accommodation with the Romans. To them Jesus seemed a dangerous revolutionary. Both these groups, usually opposed to each other, feared Jesus and hated Him passionately. His answer to their trap: Let Caesar have his things, but give God your heart.

- There it is again...give God your heart!



8. "The fears of the wicked will be fulfilled; the hopes of the godly will be granted."

9. "When the storms of life come, the wicked are whirled away, but the godly have a lasting foundation." A lasting foundation!

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