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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

God has got to uncover some Christians / Sermon Notes 3-26-11

God has got to uncover some Christians

Sermon Notes 3-26-11

Text- Mark 7:2-7

This amazing and awesome ext reveals the work of the Master, Christ.

How does His message have meaning today?

We can see the application of Jesus in the activity of Jesus; Jesus walked His talk.

We find Jesus in northern Jerusalem, and through His ministry He has gained some notoriety and has come to the attention of the Pharisees.

Famous people can attract some infamous things.

The Pharisees are focused on finding Him in a futile attempt at frustrating His followers.

There is contention between the now famous Jesus and the infamous Pharisees, and we can see the work of Christ being accomplished through the Word of God.

The Pharisees are antagonists of Jesus.

As we see in literature, an antagonist is someone who works against the main character. In Shakespeare’s Othello, we have Iago, Ulysses Hector, and Beowulf Grendel.

We must learn not to hate our haters, let our haters become our elevators.

Antagonists always uncover something about the main character that was not known before.

You cannot rise unless you have some haters in your life. They will uncover something about you that you never knew about yourself.

The Pharisees are out of their jurisdiction. They have traveled 75 miles from Jerusalem to focus on Jesus and to bring Him down.

We must learn to pray for those around us because the enemy may attack our followers first, to reach us.

We must place our hope in the Lord; God is not through with us yet. He is just getting started.

The Pharisees catch up with His followers first, so they examine them.

Before the enemy can pull down the pastor, he may work to pull down the associates, deacons, trustees or the ushers. So that by the time the pastor enters into the mix, there is confusion, which can distract us when we need to be concentrating on the enemy.

The enemy is trying to pull down the saints on his way to pull down the Savior.

What’s the lesson? Watch your “head!”

The Pharisees argued with the disciples, saying that they were not following the “old elders,” meaning the old tradition, the law. They were attempting to blame the coach for the conduct of the players.

They are attacking the disciples (and Christ) because they were winning.

We do what we do to win over the lost for Christ! And, whenever we win for God, we will attract the attention of the enemy.

What is a Christian’s definition of winning? To bring souls to the Savior, help to the helpless, calling out the lost and letting them know that Jesus is still real.

We are attempting to build a winning tradition, not continue in the old.

Your pastor is your covering. The duty of the pastorate is not about hiding you, concealing you or shining in front of you.

The duty of the pastor is to build up new leaders and let them lead and go forward! The pastor’s job is to stand in the background and send out the saints.

Illustration: Moses. As he grew tired he had Aaron and Joshua standing on either side of his holding up his arms. Whenever Moses’ arms were lifted, the Israelites were victorious in battle.

Does anyone want to be a winner, an overcomer, be victorious?

The losers have to leave so that the winners can stand up and be counted.

“I’m a winner!”

The pastor is called to be your covering.

The Hebrew concept for covering is found in the word “sakak.” It means to spread around liberally, as in fertilizing a garden. It means to show off with grandeur and praise.

Illustration: moles in the garden. We build a fence around the garden to keep away the moles, but also to protect and show off the flowers.

The pastor is called to reveal, uncover and show off. He is committed and concerned that Christ is on your side. And as your coach, it is the pastor’s job to get you into game shape.

God wants to uncover some new Christians who want to work until the work is done.

Biblical illustrations of uncovering: a) Job uncovered by God, ”consider my servant, Job,” b)Joseph uncovered form the cistern, c) Jesus uncovered from Egypt, d) Paul and Silas, uncovered from prison…

Are you willing to be a witness?

Are you willing to work for the Lord?

Are you willing to win for the Savior?

The Pharisees used the old ways and traditions to cover their deeds.

There are many within the church who know just enough of the Word of God to cover themselves and to keep from being found out.

Let the light from the lighthouse shine. Be ready to shine for Jesus.

Illustration: Will Smith, “old busted, new hotness”

Illustration: The US Treasury destroys old, dirty money and distributes new money.

Be brand new.

Do a new thing.

Be new wine.

Let Christ move through you and in you.

“I am an overcomer. I am victorious through Him.”

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