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Friday, April 29, 2011

Are You A Trader?

Today I am asking for your input. Leave me a comment about the film, or anything else on your mind.
What do you think our world, our individual lives, yours and mine, would look like if we actually stopped pursuing the "shiny" things in life and "keeping up with the Joneses" and turned our minds, hearts and talents to more lasting treasure?
What impact could we make in our homes and our churches and on our jobs if we actually acted like what we did there mattered? Because it does matter.
It matters what we teach our children, and all the lives of children we touch. It matters that we have respect for each other; even if we don't really love them.
It matters that we seek the lost. And some of the most lost people we know sit right next to us every day.
What we do has eternal consequences, and we should live our days as if we believe that to be true!



Terri said...

Exactly what we have been trying to
"impart" to our 16 year old! And
our mission field doesn't have to
be far away, it can be in our school, work, grocery, etc. We make easy things hard by ignoring
God and His "call" and pursuing our
own stuff.

Doc said...

Thanks for the comment, Terri. I agree. While it may sound terribly romantic, altruistic and /or sacrificial, we tend to overlook the mission fields we are standing in. We are here to touch, teach, learn from, and be with God's people.
I "love" going to Haiti for medical mission, but when I can't go, I must remember that there are children who go to church with me every week (and many who don't) who need someone to impact their lives.
You are correct, we make something that is relatively simple, and close to hand...hard. And, if we make it too difficult, it is much less likely that we will get it done.