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Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Condition of Blessing / Sermon Notes 4-3-11

Text: Deuteronomy 33:1-4

We have reviewed the sorrow, suffering and sin that surrounds the life of Moses' life.
Like the rest of us, Moses was imperfect. He had sinned in the sight of the Lord.
God was still able to use him, and this should be encouraging to those of us who are still struggling with some of the issues in our lives.
God is able to lift us out of the miserable condition of our lives if we are able to follow Him.
Moses continued to follow God in the midst of his failures and faults.

Have you determined that you will not quit on God?
Do you feel that the circumstances around your life negate God's blessing?
"God can do great things through me!"
Greatness is accessible to you, and not just to the pastor, the star singers or the star Christians in the congregation.

You never know what God can accomplish through the circumstances surrounding you.
He can use you despite what's happening in your life.
Your condition does not determine where you can go.
This exodus is also an introduction to something new.

What you need to know about blessings:

1. Someone has a hold of your blessing.
Moses was the bless-er; the "giver" of the blessing.
Israel's blessing was passed on by Moses.
Blessings are frequently passed from hand-to-hand.
Some of your blessing is attached to how you handle people down here.
Sometimes your blessings are attached top other people. How we "handle" people may impact how we will be blessed.
Notice that Israel's blessing is horizontal, not vertical.
"Blessings come hand to hand!"
You cannot stand by yourself, on your own, in your own strength, on an island.
"Who in my life is holding on to my blessing."
Blessings may come from your neighbor.
Ten Commandments: "Love your neighbor as yourself."
You should position yourself correctly with people who are going up.
Some blessings are corporate blessings.
"Pass it on!"

2. The word blessing is a participle.
What is a participle? A word that can function as a verb, which shows action. It is also a word that is an adjective, which describes something.
Many of us are still tossed and driven by the circumstances of life.

Blessed people get up in the morning with a purpose in mind.
You need a purpose in life.
The Hebrew word for blessings is barukh, meaning something good. It means you're working on something good.
Blessing is not an emotion.
Blessing means that you have something usable at your disposal.

Moses blessed people with purpose as they enter into the Promised Land.
The promise is that if you work the land, God will allow the increase.

You cannot possess anything you don't purpose to have.
Unless you purpose to possess, the enemy can remove it from you.
The enemy tries to get you to release your hand from what God has given you.

3. Blessing is about position
You need to be positioned for tomorrow.
Where are you posturing yourself so you can run with God?
Where has God placed you in the work of the Kingdom?
Each group going into the Promised Land had a purpose and position according to the plan of God.
God has a blessing place for you to inherit; to have, hold and possess.
We cannot go into the Promised Land unless everyone knows what their position is.
We each need to get into our place and work what God has assigned us!

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