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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just a thought: Bible study

I am considering trying to facilitate a Bible study. I would like to find a way to do live (in or at church) as well as blog, if anyone is interested. For those who are physically close, we can meet-up, probably at my church or some other "neutral" ground. For those further away, questions and comments can be posted.

One of my concerns about Bible studies in general is that sometimes we focus too much on a particular characteristic (like pride) or "3 ways to ...," or a particular book. All of these methods are fine and have their place. But, I am not certain that enough of us have actually read the all, or even most of Bible for ourselves.

This does not preclude using any of these methods, but I have just been thinking...

What I am proposing is setting up a schedule to work our way through the Bible itself. This will likely entail some daily reading and questions to consider and answer. That means that it will require additional work and commitment for me and for you.

I do not know if anyone is interested in this concept, so I need some feedback from my readers. This may prove to be to difficult a task for me to handle, but we won't know unless we try. This is just a pressing thought right now. So, let me know what you think.

Keeping in mind that I don't usually hear from anyone when I ask for comments, if I don't get any feedback, I will be forced to conclude it a bad idea, at least for the moment.

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Bkangel said...

You must have thought of this just for me! I think this is a wonderful idea, I am one of those who have not read the entire bible. I am very much interested. I require structure to do most things and this to me is that! I hope others agree. But if it is not done this way, I still would like for you to facilitate a class.