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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Just a thought or two: End of the World

If you're reading this post, then the world probably didn't end last night. At least not for all of us. I have been trying to ignore this story, but fully half the blog posts, and every third tweet has some related story or inane joke.

But as Christians, we should not really be bothered or concerned with this foolishness for a number of reasons. Here are my random thoughts about this:

1. If we have faith, we fully trust that the Lord will provide and we will wake up in our heavenly home.

2. If we have waited until the day before the Rapture to worry about whether or not we are going to make it "in," then there is probably not enough time left to make up for an inconsistent, foolish or faithless life. We should have been working on it all along. Or, as the older folks might say, we should have been laying up some timber before now.

3. If I didn't have faith, and the world were to end tonight, how would I know? I'd be gone. So why should I waste energy worrying about it now?

4. Many of my friends have heard me say, "You can only go on time." If we truly believe that our days are indeed numbered, then we realize that we cannot willfully increase or decrease them. When it is time to go, that's it. It will come whether we are asleep, sitting in a movie, listening to a sermon, having surgery, or white water rafting. The end comes to us all. And whenever it comes, it's over....but apparently not today.

Walk in faith my friends. Do the work that the Lord has given you, while it is day...


[NB: With rare exception, I will no longer be posting on Sunday. Sermon notes tomorrow.]

(originally posted 5/22/11)

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