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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Let's NOT do life together!

Why worry about theology, service or "doing life together"? Try the Shallow Small Groups / Bible Study / Sunday School class Method and you won't have to worry about being uncomfortable again!

Sound familiar?

Sadly for many of us it does. What is demonstrated in most of these clips are classes that you don't even really have to show up for. If it's just a monologue, or "I" stories, and no one cares about what's happening in my life, then why am I getting dressed and leaving my house?

I can stay home and go to church online or watch "Law and Order" marathon. I can remain in my PJs and watch the TV evangelists. It's not really a conversation, but I can talk back, disagree, or if all else fails, shut them off. The best part is that I don't have to send any money.

This is sleepwalking through the motions, phoning in your praise, texting in your worship, punching your timecard to get credit toward your "get-out-of-Hell" free card. You are marking time, wasting life, and neglecting your soul

The whole point of going to church, Bible study, Sunday school, small groups is to connect. We must find a new paradigm. shift gears and move toward true connection, engagement and involvement. We must reach out to meet people where they are and offer them help, knowledge, guidance. We are to offer them life!

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