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Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Few Motivational Quotes

Which of these speaks to you personally? Look through these quotes and write down your own thoughts, your own take on these and share with us.

1. Excellence is a habit

2. Sometimes as hard as we think it will hurt, the best way to get to the other side of a misadventure is to go through it…and learn

3. Often it feels like we are beating our heads against the same wall, but occasionally we make a dent, once in a while we can see a little light go off in someone’s eyes when they finally “get it.” Keep pushing forward

4. The more resistance you get for a fresh idea or a new perspective, the more likely you are on the right path

5. If you think you cannot…you are right. Why? Because you will not give it your best effort as you enter in.

6. What we dwell on, we become…This speaks to our inability to let go of old hurts and labels that people have placed on us; not letting go of the negative values we may have learned as a child. Failing to forgive ourselves for our errors and staying stuck. Think better thoughts, and become more!

7. You can only get better with practice, and by accepting the fact that you may fail sometime. You won’t make the game-winning shot every time

8. To change the world you will probably have to change yourself as well

9. Don’t forget to enjoy the journey…there are many lessons along the way. Grow by breathing them all in. Don’t miss out (especially with the people you love) by focusing only on the end. Celebrate the small victories along the way.

10. Our first job is to serve others!

What about you?

(write them down...its important. You are important...always, always, always remember that!)

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