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Saturday, July 23, 2011

I am Second: Dr Tony Evans

I have mentioned the "I am Second" series in the past. Here is one of the clips featuring Dr. Tony Evans as he shares a powerful story about how Jesus seats us in a high place and bestows value upon us. "I'm second because I've discovered what it means to put Him first," says Evans.

  • Who is first in your life?

  • Why is this?

  • How do you demonstrate it?


Terri said...

Love the word "repositioned".
When we start seeing ourselves as
Jesus sees us, we will walk in power and victory! Loved this,
we are powerful because of our position in and thru Christ Jesus!
Not our power, but HIS!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Doc said...

You're welcome.

Yes,we must see ourselves and others ad Jesus sees, and move,work and live accordingly.

Glad to know you enjoyed the clip.

Anonymous said...

Racism leaves real scars. Is he saying second is okay? He found a spiritual answer for a national problem. Western culture has enculurated individualism which leads toward self and supremicist ideology, I am not saying we should be communist but we must see ourselves as part of a larger community ethos. To see ourselves under Jesus is powerful, it can be uniting, but can it change the reality of the secularist nation into which we are moving at light speed.

Doc said...

Yes, Anonymous- I can tell you from personal experience that racism leaves real scars. And although we would all like to think that we have leveled the playing field, we have not.

Yes, it still continues to rear its ugly head. Read the post about "The Up-side of Slavery."

But I do not think he is trying to solve the whole of the racial problem. I think what he is trying to get at is that we must find a certain peace and hope that transcends what is happening around us, that gets us through our circumstance. He has found that in Christ.

Even if we look back at the Civil Rights workers, they didn't think they could change everything all at once. If things change, it is by small acts and by small increments.

Ah, but herein lies the difference between happiness and joy...