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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Just a thought or two: The Up-side of slavery?

Perhaps I should re-name the blog "Just a thought or two"...

Sometimes something grabs your attention, gnaws at you and refuses to release you until you do something about it. In my case, for the moment, I suppose that meas that I need to write, so here we are...

I have made mentioned in this blog about several of the chats that I enjoy on Twitter. The chats themselves are almost always energizing and uplifting experiences. While we are engaged in the chat, we can feel like the world is always positive, like the people we are interacting with. Sadly, the world is not really like this. For all of our technological advances and increased community, we are still quite divided.

The benefit of SoMe (social media) is that it brings the good, bad, ugly and indifferent to our doorstep every day. Recently, a cyber-friend posted a link to an article asserting that Michele Bachmann and others signed a document called the "Marriage Vow." Rather than giving anyone else's spin on what it says, I've supplied a link to a PDF of the document (here). Read through it for yourself, look at what others have to say about it if you like, think about it for yourself.

One of the issues within the "Marriage Vow" is that it attempts to put a certain spin on how Black families were affected by the institution of slavery, while at the same time trying to assert that they have fared significantly worse under the current administration. They seem to have taken the position that somehow Big Government can fix all of our personal and inter-personal ills. Or perhaps that the tragic mess that many of us have made of our lives, or that we were born into is first of all, somehow the fault of the government's, and secondly, that these ills can be mended by yet another government program.

If you were expecting yet another rant, sorry to disappoint. Yes, I take some offense, and am unfrotunately drawn back to a quote attributed to Cornell West..."Race matters." I have had a few days to process this and only bring it to the forefront so that you too can give it a thought or two...

This is not about bashing anyone or their political machine, but it is important to know what the people who represent us, represent.

Let me know. What do you think? 

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