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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

SoMe: What do YOU bring to the party?

If you have been following along, one of my favorite hours of the week is the #leadfromwithin chat on Twitter Tuesday night at 8pm. Yes, that a plug for you to attend. These are notes from the July 12, 2011 session.

This is a community engaged in a rapid discussion about what it means to lead from within, meaning to lead from your heart as well as your head. I am fairly new to the community, but they are easy to fall in step with; and, you can get the transcipt of the discussion. It is thought-provoking and enlightening. It moves so quickly that I think everyone has to shoot from the hip, and therefore from the heart. 

The people involved all seem to know their stuff, and aren't afraid to disagree. We all learn from the interaction, because we are not all at the same level of development in all of our leadership a life skills. And, we all have something to learn from those who "know" more than we do, as well as those we perceive as "knowing" much less.

So, I am passing along the questions to you. My suggestion is that you take each question by itself, and meditate on it for 5 minutes or so, and write out an answer.

Q1 When great leaders walk in the room, what comes with them?

Q2: How do you discover what qualities people bring with them?

Q3: How can you become more aware of what you bring along with you?

Q4 What are you choosing to bring more often?

Q5: What has helped you develop those qualities?

Q6: What is more possible because you’re in the room?

Q7: How can you help others see that they bring?

Q8: What conversations happen more often when you are in the room?

Q9 What role does personality (eg Myers Briggs) play in motivating what people bring? (optional)

Q10 If you #leadfrowithin what qualities do you bring when you walk into a room?

What are YOU bringing to the party?



Doc said...

I am by no means a great leader, but I have met a few, read about many more and hope to continue to grow.

What do I bring to the table / party?

Usually, a sense of calm and focus.I am rarely seen to overly excited about a situation, and can frequently help others see the next logical step.

What about you?

Terri said...

I know that I admire a sense of humor in anyone, but especially those in leadership. If we can laugh at ourselves and our mistakes, we can help others along
the way. We all take ourselves too

I believe my sense of humor has enabled me and others to get through some tough stuff! Quoting Ken Davis "Lighten Up and Live"!

Doc said...

Yes, Terry. A sense of humor is very important. It helps to break the tension, and a lot of truth can be spoken in humor.

Most of us need to learn to laugh at ourselves much more often.

Thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

Humorous moments are a gift but looking for them or manufacturing them is not for everyone when in the crucible of confrontation.

Doc said...

I completely agree. It all must flow naturally. People can see through fake or put-on humor. And this will usually only add more stress to the situiation.

So, having said that...what do you think you bring when you enter a room?

Shooting Star Publishing LLC said...

Well I would say confidence and a smile. If I can't help you I usually know someone who can. And if that doesn't work, I know God can!

Doc said...

Shooting Star- you have mentioned something that is so important to communicate to others, and people overlook it or forget to clearly demonstrate it in their demeanor...If I can't help you , I know who can, I know where to find help / the answer, or I know Who will always come to our aid.

Thanks for the comment.