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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Urgent message: I'm going to stop blogging...

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Urgent: I'm going to stop blogging!!!

Here's the drill- I don't feel like I am making an impact or reaching those I set out to reach. Some days I feel like I am writing for no one except myself. So, the short version is that I will have to change my approach and / or stop blogging.

This new attempt will be launched next week.

In the meantime:

I have met some awesome people on this cyber-journey, and some I would even call friend.

First up, every now and then you read something that moves you, disturbs you, makes you feel uncomfortable; or in churchspeak...makes you feel convicted.

Tomorrow (Wednesday): I will run an article by one of the most popular pastors-preachers-church leaders around, Francis Chan. I would like you to read the article carefully, and comment. Tell me what you think.

Thursday through Saturday: One of my cyber-friends Kenny Silva has started a series on mid-year life-transforming resolution or challenges. With his permission, I will pass a few of these challenges on to you. Again, tell me what you think.

Next week: We will begin a new series, presented in a different fashion. I plan to use the same posting format of writing and publishing every weekday, and perhaps on Saturday. No new articles on Sunday.

What do I want from you?


What I need is some sense that I am not writing to and for myself alone. If that turns out to be the case, then I can just put it in a journal.

So, I need:
  • Feedback
  • Comments
  • Thoughts
  • Disagreements
  • Anything to let me know you guys are out there.
  • Tell your friends. Encourage them to share.
  • Encourage them to sign up to receive new posts for the blog by email.

We begin the journey anew next week!

And, a special thanks to all those who have stuck with me so far...

7-5-11  Addendum: Excellent suggestion from one of our readers. I will actively post Monday through Friday. No posting on Sunday. Saturday...we shall see. ;)


Bkangel said...

Dr. McGowan, don't stop blogging! If you just reach one person (me), you're performing a great deed! I will start responding more! I understand that you are taking your time to try & reach us & we need to let you know you are & we are reading, listening, hearing! Job well done!

mcgowan.am said...

Momi..the answer is not stopping it is finding other forms to reach people. You cant conquer the world in one day, trust me i have tried. Continue doing what your doing. I beleieve people are reading what you are posting but maybe on the go, where they might not have time just to sit and comment. The lat book you read did you sit down and write the author back commenting on the book...?? Give it time. Maybe post Monday Wednesday Friday.
I read daily and it helps that i can get it emailed to me, that way i can forward to others.

Doc said...

Ok guys, I am convinced and convicted. Thanks for getting back to me. We do touch lives here, and that's what is important. I appreciate the feedback.