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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lessons in The Flood [Genesis 6, Part 7 / conclusion]

Our final lesson from Noah:

It takes a lot courage and fortitude to stand against the tide, especially when the forces of that tide are very forceful.

So, how do we do it?

Noah did two practical things:

First, he “walked with God.” (Genesis 6:9)

This is a phrase applied to only two people in the Old Testament, Noah and Enoch. I think that is fairly significant. We know that Noah was not perfect (see Genesis 9). But the scripture does tell us that Noah had a relationship with God that was uncommon in that day!

The scripture tells us that Noah and God walked together. What do you usually do when you take a walk with someone? You talk. You get to know each other. That’s the type of relationship they had!

Do you walk with God?

In order to have a relationship with God or with anyone else, for that matter, we’ve got to put in the time to make that relationship strong.

Second, Noah trusted God’s Word (Genesis 6:22)

Notice that God told Noah exactly what was going to happen and what he could do about it. Noah simply obeyed and trusted God to take care of the rest.

It didn’t matter what anybody else said.

What is the everyday application for this?

When you give your word to other people, do they trust it? Do you stand behind it 100%, or do you bend with the wind? When people go out on a limb on your behalf, can they trust you? Or, do they need to constantly look back and see if you are still in their corner?

It’s an old adage, “My word is my bond.”

Is it?


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