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Saturday, October 1, 2011

You've decided to start a blog. Cool! (part 6)

  • Post should have a catchy title, if possible. Remember, you seconds to grab people's attention.


  • Pictures will draw the eye to the article. Sometimes it will help break up a lot of dense printing. Often, it will add a different feel or help drive a point home better.

  • Use your own, look for copyright-free, try Flickr. Wherever you find them, if they are not copyright free, and they are not your property, or you have not paid to use them (and even if you have) give appropriate credit to the photographer

8. Back to the instructions.

  • You have your saved article, retrieve it.

  • Re-read “how to post”

  • Re-read “How to insert media" (meaning pictures, film, etc) into post

9. Insert the article

  • Save as a draft

  • Preview

  • Spell check

  • Proof-read again. Sometimes the spell-check is deceptive, and you click on a word that you did not mean to choose. I did this recently, and the sentence made no sense when I saw it posted.

  • Save as a draft

    • Clean up the margins, paragraphing, spacing, size and location of picture

  • Click on Publish

You are Published!


10. Do your happy dance, you’ve gotten your first piece out there. Many people don't get this done. savor it. Let people know.

  • Let your friends and relatives know.

  • Let your tweeps and Facebook fans know if you use these

  • Ask for feedback and compliments…I meant comments :)

11. Now we’re done, right! No. You have to keep writing.

  • This is a decision that you have already made. You must have some easily discernable, if not stated pattern to your posting.

  • There must be a schedule! Most of us have relatively short attention spans. It will only take 1, 2 or 3 clicks to your page expecting something new and finding the “same old page,” before your reader wanders off. And, they may never return.

12. Last step: Enjoy it!

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