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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Spirituality in Psalms: Psalm 139 A Meditation: You Know Me

Lord, you look into me.

The deepest parts of my heart and mind.

You look into, and know, and love the parts I am afraid to face.

You know me better than I know myself…before I knew myself.

You trod before me and light my path,

You watch behind me

You have set my path, and ordered the steps I could not understand.

You broke my heart to make me.

You healed me

How can I ever understand You well enough to tell the others?

How can I make them understand the surrounding and all-encompassing love you possess for them?

I cannot hide from you, Lord.

Although at times I wish my guilt and shame would cover me like a blanket or wash over my like a wave.


You still know me, and search me, and pursue me wherever I am-

And amazingly, wonder of wonders…

You still love me!


You still love me when I do not love myself, and when I know that I am unlovable.

Before I was made, before the earth was made, before the stars were made - I was there in Your heart

How do You hold us in Your love, in Your heart when I can barely hold one?

How magnificent and magnanimous You are!

Teach me, I beseech You, Lord

Show me Your way, that I may do You honor


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