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Friday, January 6, 2012

Families, Prodigals and Turkeys [15 / conclusion]

For each of us, the elder brother's attitude is a powerful warning, showing how easily and how cleverly unbelief can masquerade as faithfulness.

No matter which category you find yourself in, the whole point of this series is to help you see that God can and will minister to your aching or broken heart. 

If you find yourself as the Prodigal today, above all else know that God loves you, and there are flesh and blood people in your life who care for and about you. 

God is not an impersonal tyrant who is too busy to care about you. He is not the taskmaster that expects us to be perfect every moment of our lives. He knows that there will be moments when we mis-step, make mistakes, choose to harden our hearts.  

He is a loving Heavenly Father who has numbered the hairs on your head. He will forgive you when you return to Him. Every time you do it with a repentant heart.  

Every time…


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