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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Taking Responsibility [2]

We are only 3 chapters into the Bible, and things start to literally and figuratively fall apart. The falling part only takes about 7 verses.
Adam and Eve had a perfect life. Really, what did they have to do? Tend a few trees; watch the animals, etc etc. So how did this idyllic life slip through their fingers so quickly and so easily?
Adam is the person who is held as being responsible for the fall, but most of the falling, as we read this story, seems to have happened to Eve. Why isn't it all her fault?
We are introduced to a new character, Satan. And even though this is his first appearance in the story, we can see that he is smart and crafty and shrewd. He seems to be a lot more on the ball than…

How did they get in this predicament?
What was there about this encounter between Satan and Eve that upset the balanced in their little eco-system?
First, of all we notice that Satan doesn’t come and talk to Adam. He doesn’t approach “the boss.” He doesn’t step up to the person who is supposed to know all the answers, the person that has been around the longest. Satan settles on an attack through the“helper,” Eve.
Why does he do this? I think he does this because he knows that if he can sway Eve, Adam will probably follow her.
He also probably knows that God did not give the commandment about the forbidden fruit directly to Evedirectly, but to Adam. So, the information she is working off, is second hand, and perhaps a little incomplete.
Satan also has one or two other tricks that he uses in his approach to her.
He approaches Eve as seeker, a subordinate. He, Satan, has come to her with an innocent question, merely seeking some clarification. He seems open and genuine, and he also seems willing to accept her correction.
How many times have you gotten sucked into a trap by a seemingly innocent question? It starts out with one question, quickly followed by, “Well then that must mean…” and there you go, on your way down the rabbit hole.
Satan also comes to her as an ally. He sounds as though he truly has her best interests at heart, and would do anything to help her. He just wants to know what’s up with this rule and what's up with this tree. Maybe they can sort it out together…

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