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Monday, February 20, 2012

Who are Your Friends?

Online Friends
I was reading a post last week by a person I consider a friend, Becky Robinson, last week, and was struck by two questions: “What makes a friend?” and “What is friendship worth? The person she was referring to, Dan Rockwell, is also a friend of mine.
So, what makes a friend? I have not met either of these people in real life (IRL), nor face to face (F2F), but we are connected.
Social Media (SoMe) has made it possible to connect with people at great distances and at various stations in life, but who are similar minds and hearts.
Best Friends
One of my best and dearest friends is someone I met in Junior High School. We were nerd and geeks together long before it was fashionable. We traversed Jr. and Sr. High School together. When we left home for college, we went our separate ways.
And for almost 40 years, the smallest things would make me think of Olenka, and smile. A certain style of braid, a certain piece of Rachmaninoff, a certain Ukrainian or eastern European phrase, a news story about NASA, my occasional trips home, even though she was she was no longer there.
Through the wonders of technology, I tracked her down about 2 years ago, and visited her home and met her family.
We talked and laughed as if I had just seen her in class just that past afternoon. Our bond is set in the cement of love. Time and distance is no real match for friendship and love.
There are people online who I have never met and most of them, I will never meet IRL, but they are friends nonetheless. We are connected by invisible and almost unbreakable bonds.
What makes a friend, a friend?
"A friend is someone who takes up residence in our hearts and in our minds." ~ Martina McGowan 
What is friendship worth?
What do you think?

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