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Friday, March 9, 2012

8 Steps to Getting Your B**t in Gear this Weekend

Silly Songs

Sometimes songs pop into our heads for no apparent reason, and they are hard to shake. I have found recently that writing seems to help bring this to an end.  

My problem song today is, There’s a Hole in the Bucket, Dear Liza. I know, bizarre! This link  is to the lyrics only. I didn’t want you to get stuck with the song. 

As you can see from the lyrics, Liza is stuck in a rut with her beloved Henry.  Actually, Henry’s problem is not the bucket at all. The problem is that he just does not want to do what she asks. 

We often find ourselves in situations where we must make excuses that seem to be perfectly legitimate explanations about why we cannot accomplish a task. But the underlying truth is that we simply do not want to do it. We do not want to go. We do not want to change. We just don’t want it! 

We are sticking with this week’s Biblical super-hero, Moses

Text: Exodus 3:1-4:17

God called out to Moses to go back to Egypt and save his people. Moses just does not want to do this, and he thinks he can get out of it. he offers several "legitimate" excuses...

Who the Heck am I? 

"Who am I?" I am too small, shy, lowly, dis-graced, dis-connected…. God’s answer to Moses was that He would always be with him, as He is with us.  

Many of us try to use or hide behind this excuse. The sad thing is that if you say this negative stuff to yourself long enough, you will begin to believe it!  

We need to focus on the totally opposite belief. We are sufficient and are up to almost any task that we put our minds, hearts, faith and back to.

What am I Going to Say? 

Moses moves on to his next excuse: “What shall I say?” And, we know what he’s really concerned about here. This excuse is just an extension of #1. “I am so small and lowly, that no one will think I know what I am talking about.” God’s answer to him is clear. “I (God) will tell you what to say.” 

This is the real fear that keeps us from speaking up when we know we should. We are not as concerned about what is right or correct, as we are about the possibility of looking foolish or out-of-step. 
But stop for a moment and consider this. 

If you can quietly sit and coherently think of what to say in your mind, and you possess the skills to articulate your thoughts, what is holding you back? Simply stated, if you can think it clearly and logically, then you can say it. You already know what to say. 
And then finally, we come to the heart of the matter…

“Please send someone, anyone else” 

All of the excuses that Moses has used to this point are a smokescreen thrown up in an attempt to hide the fact that he does not want to do this thing. Now that the smokescreen has vanished, God becomes impatient with Moses. The tenor of God’s conversation takes on a different tone, and the request becomes a command. 


We all often say that we’d like for our lives to be different. We want to advance, and make something significant happen at home or on our jobs. Perhaps you have a dream that has been rattling around in your head. 

The Time Is Now 

The time has come to put away your excuses. No one can change your life, except you. Every excuse that you offer to yourself and everyone else is only a smokescreen, a cover-up, a facade. We are called into this life to accomplish things. 


It’s the weekend. 
  1. Make an appointment with yourself for some quiet time.
  2. Search you heart, mind and soul. What have you been called here to do? 
  3. Figure out where you are going.
  4. Pen and paper at hand.
  5. Get some focused time on the computer or, go old school, and head to the library.
  6. Come away from this with at least one real, concrete, do-able thing that you actually plan to do to move yourself forward within the next week.
  7. Actually write it down and do it
  8. Let me know about your progress.

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