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Friday, March 30, 2012

This Post is NOT about Trayvon….


Lost Boys…
I have tried for several weeks not to write this post. This is not a post about Trayvon or George. That's not even his picture.
A few months ago, I wrote a post about another boy. That boy, who you do not remember, also lost his life at the hands of strangers.
There is not much that I can add to that post really, except this-
Many of our children are just being lost. Lost in the schools system, lost in the streets, lost in the war on drugs, lost in their shattered dreams and dysfunctional homes, lost in prisons, lost in jobs they don’t want, just lost and going nowhere. And most of them are male-boys, young men and men- of all colors.
It’s not a popular sentiment, but my heart breaks and my soul grieves for Marcellus and the the boys who killed him, for Trayvon, and for George.
Hate the Lies we learn
It is amazing how an episode like this shines a bright spotlight on the dark heart of who we really are. But you know, I do not think that we have hate crimes and killings because we hate each other. I think we have them because we hate ourselves.
We hate ourselves because “those” people have lighter/ darker skin, and we want to look like them. They have more money/ fewer worries, and if I had that, I’d be much happier, just like they are. They dress better/ look cooler/ are taller/ or thinner/ more talented/ get more breaks/ have it easy/ live rent-free/ live on Park Avenue.

If I just had what they had, my life would be simpler, and happier. I would have such an easier time of things.
It’s all a lie!
Joy, Peace and Happiness
We cannot be happy until we know where our happiness, peace and joy come from. It doesn’t come from Wal-Mart of Best-Buy. It doesn't come from Cartier or Mecedes-Benz. Our happiness does not come from anything outside, but from inside.
The hate will not end until we realize that we are each enough, and that we have enough of what really matters. We have more than enough to share and help and reach out to others.
We are it.
We, who profess to be leaders and world–shakers, we are it!
We are the people that have to get in the trenches and get our hands dirty and start teaching other people that there is a better way to live.
We are all there is.
There is no one else to fix this.
It is in our hands.
What are you doing to help?

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Terri said...

Exactly! I work in education, and I see these lost boys everyday. My heart breaks for them and for this world. Lord, help me be a very small part of the solution, help me be the little piece of Jesus some will ever see!

Martina said...

May he help us all Terri. Thanks for reading and commenting.