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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Genesis 35-36:43; Matthew 12:1-21; Psalm 15:1-5; Proverbs 3:21-26 (New Living Translation)

1. God tells Jacob/ Israel to get up and go. And, he does. There's no stalling. No protest that he has too much invested in where he is. No complaints about what he may lose or have to leave behind. He gets up, tells everyone to get ready (and how to get ready) and they move out.

2. Once again, we are reminded to let go of our false, little gods. The things that keep us more attached to this world; keep us paralyzed into in-action. He's asking them to let go of their old lives; God has a new plan for them (and for us).

3. El-Shaddai...God Almighty

4. Benjamin's name- some translations say his name means "son of good fortune"

5. Here we go... Reuben has sleeps with Bilhah (one of his father's concubines, the mother of several of his brothers)

6. Esau = Edom, ancestor to the Edomites. We'll see them again later. Esau's wives are Canaanite women.

7.The brothers separate because of the vastness of their blessings. They are both blessed.

8. Jesus' instructs us to show mercy, not be focus so much on following the rules...SHOW MERCY!

9. Healing and helping on the Sabbath...

10. Do we treat people as well as we treat our pets?

11. It is the condition of the heart that counts. This is how we get to God.

12.Common sense and sound judgment will keep you safe...guard these with your life!

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