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Friday, January 18, 2008

Genesis 42:18-43:34; Matthew 13:47-14:12; Psalm 18:16-36; Proverbs 4:7-10 (New Living Translation)

1. The first problem we see in this story is that Joseph is the favored son. This just aggravates the brothers. And it destroys any possibility of a good relationship.

2. Do we treat our children differently? Of course we do. The important question we need to ask ourselves is, "Why?" Do we treat them differently because they are more good looking, because they are smarter. Perhaps because they are more like us. Perhaps one gives you a little less heart-ache. Consider, if you're not too freaked out about the idea- what am I leaving as a legacy? What will their relationship be like once I'm gone (dead). Will they love each other, care for each other...watch out for each other? Just some thoughts.

3. Anyway, the brothers hated Joseph. Between the dreams, the special coat and his father's obvious preference.

4. Without reading more into the scripture than it says, we don't really know how Joseph said these things, or what kind of attitude he brought to the table. But it does say that his father scolded him.

5. So the brothers plot to get rid of the "boy wonder"

6. It doesn't say who suggested killing Joseph. Reuben intercedes and offers to let him die of neglect...but he had planned to secretly rescuing Joseph at a later time.

7. He's put into the cistern. However, they think better of this when there is an opportunity to profit from this. Get rid of the brat and make money too.

8. Jacob is distraught.

9. Joseph is sold to Potiphar in Egypt.

10. Then there is the story of Judah and Tamar. Judah was deceitful inn that he never planned to have Shelah marry Tamar. Tamar was deceitful in pretending to be a prostitute to have a child. She escaped death by being wise enough to have gotten a "guarantee"

11. The reading from Matthew tell us that there is no neutral ground. You are either with Christ or against Him. As with many other things in life, by our actions and our deeds, we are either helping or making things worse.

12. Things are rarely what they seem. When you are angry about something, about to jump someone about something...if you really stop, and think...the thing that you're ranting about is not what's bothering you. In the Matthew scripture, I don't think these people were really worried that Jesus was Satan or the "prince of demons." I think they were worried that the prophesy was being fulfilled. They had been wrong all this time in their assumptions about how things would be. Here was the Son of God...really here. Not dressed as a warrior or a king. A lowly carpenter's son...hanging out with lowly fisherman (not the chief priests)...here to redeem us...WOW!

13. Every good thing I have comes from you.

see ya next post.

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