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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Genesis 44-45:28; Matthew 14:13-36; Psalm 18:37-50; Proverbs 4:11-13 (New Living Translation)

Old Testament text

1. Why have you repaid my kindness for evil? The brothers have been set up by Joseph, again. But he seems to be testing their character. Have they really changed since the last time he saw them? Are they putting on an act ot do they really care about Benjamin. Or are the just afraid of Jacob?

2. For me there are 2 key lessons in Joseph's story

- Trusting God no matter what...

-Maintaining your character...

3. Joseph has been through a great deal. We talked about this in the last psot. Favored son
-->attacked by his jealous brothers--> sold into slavery--> rising to the top in those conditions
-->falsely accused--> imprisoned--> rising to the top again--> forgotten for 2 years--> summoned by the Pharoah--> becoming second in command for all of Egypt.
Throughout all these ordeals he continues to trust in God.

4. Joseph always knows who he is. He doesn't sin with Potiphar's wife, because it would be a sin against God. He realizes that his gift of dream interpretation is from God. That it is God who reveals the meaning of the dreams. Not Joseph alone. He maintains his character. He does not deviate from the things he thinks are right and just. He is known for his integrity.

Character is a choice. Joseph could have had Potiphar's wife. He could have imprisoned his brothers and had them killed. But revenge was never in his heart...or if it was, he chose not to act on it. There's that word again...choose. Do we choose the high road, or give in to our baser instincts...because that feel so much better...in the short term?

5. Now the "children of Israel" are on their way to Egypt.

Matthew text

6. The story of feeding the 5,000 with 5 loaves and 2 fish(es).

7. What strikes me about this story is when the disciple ask to send the crowds away, because it's getting late and they'll need to be fed. Jesus says, "you feed them." Jesus works it out for them, but isn't that how we approach God. we are surrounded by people who have needs. We, rightly pray for them and ask God to bless them. But what are we doing to bless them? To help them?

8. Jesus walks on the water. Peter wants proof. If You call me, I'll come out there. But he doubts and stumbles. Jesus calls his faith small. He's right of course. Peter will demand more proof later.


9. You, God have armed me for the battle

10 God pays back those who harm me. God pays them back...vengeance is the Lord's.


11. Wisdom first teaches what is right--Juvenal

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