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Monday, January 14, 2008


What's the goal here? Actually, my mission is two-fold-

First, to communicate with people who are interested in studying the bible. To discuss that study, to share ideas, insights, questions, revelations, joys, struggles, prayer requests. Also to enlighten and inspire one another.

to that end, I have added feed/link for one year Bible study. This is an "easy" way to work through the bible, but it may also give us some things to discuss as we embark on this journey together.

My second goal is to journal or chronicle projects that i am interested in starting. I feel that this type of community will give me a sense of accountability, as well as offering insights, suggestions, etc. What types of projects, you ask. like staring a food pantry, helping women get jobs (when they're available), reaching out to those less fortunate than myself.

Who am I?

Bible study is a life-long passion. I am no "bible scholar." My formal training is not in religious studies; I have taken classes at seminary.spent a little time at seminary.

We are all wondrously blessed, but we forget...and we forget, or ignore those who are not. let's remember those things together by going back to "The Word of God."

So next posting, we'll jump in...

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