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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Numbers 22:21-23:30; Luke 1:57-80; Psalm 58:1-11; Proverbs 11:12-13 (New Living Translation)

Old Testament

1. Balaam mounts his donkey to meet Balak. An angel stands in their way. The donkey "recognizes" this and avoids the angel. Balaam reacts by beating the donkey.

- Finally the donkey speaks to him to explain. Finally the angel speaks to him. As is a speaking donkey is not enough of a miracle.

2. They set up several altars, but ultimately Balaam blesses Israel, because God has blessed them, and he cannot curse them.

New Testament

3. The birth of John the Baptist.

- Zechariah can now speak, and he prophesies..."And you, my little son, will be called the prophet of the Most High, because you will prepare the way for the Lord."

- John grows up and lives in the wilderness until his public ministry begins.


4. "You plot injustice in your hearts"

5. "...surely there is a God who judges justly here on earth."


6. "... a sensible person keeps quiet."

7. "A gossip goes around telling secrets, but those who are trustworthy can keep a confidence."

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