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Sunday, May 15, 2011

No Sermon notes, BUT....a thought or two

I missed service this morning, but oddly this afforded me an opportunity to slow down and think a little. Although I didn't put my notes up from our Easter service, I did do a short sermon about Good Friday.

The takeaway lesson from working on that sermon has remained with me, has continued to churn away in my mind, and has even convicted me.

Whether we are believers or not, if we understand nothing else in the drama surrounding Calvary, we can see that Jesus gave everything. He laid everything on the line, trusting that no matter what else might happen to Him, God would see His work to completion.

We live in a quick fix society, something beyond instant gratification, and our attention spans have all but evaporated. We don't know how to wait. We don't know how to trust. We are rapidly losing our capacity to see things through to the end.

Again, this is not really about belief in Christ, or rather not just about belief in Christ, but belief in what you're doing, belief in where you're going, belief in what you feel you are here to accomplish. It's about going all-in, taking the leap, leaving little or nothing in reserve.

Do we dare risk? Can we lay it all on the line? Are we willing to take the chance that we may lose everything? What if we look foolish?

Jesus' life and sojourn to Calvary reminds us that the cross comes before the crown.

We must answer the call. Do you know what you're here for? Are you committed to getting it done? Will you stay in the race?

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