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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Doubt - Jeremiah (6)

When doubt persists, the final step is that we must take is to continue to pray

You must do this even when you do not feel like it. You may not feel sure that prayer is worthwhile, but you must still pray. This is the great thing about Jeremiah. Even at his worst times, he continued to pray. Sometimes it seemed that he only complained to God, but he continued to pray. Nothing stopped him. (Jeremiah 12:1-3; 15:15; 17:14 and 20:7-12.) Jeremiah prayed clearly and in an honest way.

Often, we are sad about our difficulties, problems and doubts. But for some reason, we try to keep our feelings out of our prayers. That is when these things can become a wall between us and God. Someone once said: ‘To deal with doubt you must let it get out!’ You have to let someone know.

Believe that a better time will come. You will be able to believe God again. Until that time, prove the worth of the faith that you once had. We can all know that God will never leave us.


We all have seasons of doubt. Many times they last a lot longer than we'd wish. Jeremiah has offered us a great deal of advice about how to get through our seasons of doubt.

As a review, we are to:

1. Allow God to examine and show us all parts of our lives

2. Be sincere about our lives and our calling. Understand what part do you play in the scheme of things.

3. Help the people around you change; don't become them

4. Reach back and remember the great promises that God's has given you in the past; trust these.

5. Continue to pray.

Most importantly,

Remember that God is always with you.


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