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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fleas and Fellowship- Who’s in your crew? Judges (1)

Mysterious connections.

I have been hounded recently by 2 or 3 seemingly random thoughts, and have been searching for the connection. Last week I attended one of my favorite chats, #leadfromwithin, and we discussed values: what are values, what are core values, what do you value most, how to demonstrate and how to communicate them. And even though it was a great chat, that’s not really one of the three.


The first issue is fleas. I fondly recount stories from my youth at which time I became persuaded that my mother was the inventor of the concept of  “tough love” , and we will share more of that in the future. But, one of the phrases she liked to share with us was, “If you lay down with dogs, you’ll get up with fleas.” You can probably guess what type of fleas she was referring to.


The second issue, fellowship. I have watched LOTR (Lord of the Rings) trilogy more times than I can count. One of the things that always strikes me is that, even when the fellowship has lost track of Frodo, who they are supposed to be guarding and helping, they don't lose sight of the goal or the quest they are on.

How many of us can say that we have those kinds of people in our lives, our crew, our mastermind group, whatever you want to call it. How many of us have people who will stick with us whether we are up or down? How many of us have someone who always, always, always has our back, even when we are not around to know about it?

For that matter, this presents an opportunity for us to ask ourselves, “Do I watch out for my friends, my best buds, my true BFFs like that? All the time?”

In churchspeak it is frequently referred to as "covering" someone else. Watching over them, protecting them from harm, and helping them move in the right direction even when they don’t want to.


Third: You knew I’d get Biblical eventually…it’s what I do here. In the book of Judges, Gideon, like Frodo Baggins in LOTR is given a very difficult task. He thinks the task is too big for him, or he's too small for it. He has a few lapses along the way, and he doesn't always seem certain that God is really with him.

Text: Judges 6:36- 7:22. Read the text, please.

After we get through a period of Gideon testing God to be certain, we are off to battle with the Midianites...maybe. And here is where we separate the big dogs from the fleas, the wheat from the chaff, _________________ (insert favorite metaphor here). Here we consciously and conscientiously chose the people we want with us and those we don't. We want a crew that can stand strong with us and take us into battle.

But how? How do we discern who the right people are?

   Who is your BFF?               Why?



Bkangel said...

Is it possible to have different bffs/coverers (if that's even a word)? If so: In my family, its my Mother, no doubt, she would do or die for me!; In my circle of friends I know there are two & thinking if push came to shove 4; in my church there are 2, no doubt it! To answer the question why, no need when it come to Mother; regarding my 2-4 friends, we have traveled a long road together & in the past we have stood for/with each other; but since there is some distance between us now & we are not in constant contact....; regarding the 2 @ my church, they have been very supportive & understanding of my transition and always are there to offer me encouragement & guidance. Can you be covered north/south - east/west? If so, I feel that I am! I hope I answered correctly, didn't misunderstand the question.

Doc said...

No, you didn't misunderstand. Ye, I think we can be covered in all directions.

Yes, we have different people in different parts of our lives. Some of this is because we our lives tend to be compartmentalized.

Christ is our primary cover. But, not to sound trite, WE are the hands and feet of Christ.
we are here to be about the DOING of helping each other get through.