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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Facing Trials: Mrs. Job [4]

This brief study of Mrs. Job is study in grief and how we all react to it. When we are faced with grief and suffering, there are two possible avenues open to us in terms of how we get through. We can choose resignation or rebellion.

Job took the route of resignation, which is clearly the best way to go. But his wife took the way of rebellion, which is so much tougher. Many of us... in fact, most of us opt for this more difficult route, because most of us are just not made like Job.

We feel we need to be angry in our grief, and get their negative emotions expressed before we can settle in, adjust, and accept our suffering. We need to rail at the sky and shake our fists at the heavens about how unfair life is. Then we can take a breath and accept things as they are.

Job's wife was angry at life, and angry at God, and angry at her husband for his excruciating patience. Maybe he did not mind dying by inches, but she could not tolerate it another moment.

Notice also that three of Job’s friends and another man come to comfort him and debate with him.


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