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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Facing Trials: Mrs. Job [5]

Mrs. Job has been left alone, except by God, in her darkest hour. Who has come to speak with and for Mrs. Job? No one.
Who has offered her comfort? No one.

No one!
This is an important concept for us to grasp. God will not condemn you for your rebellious anger. Look at the text yourself. He doesn’t bump her off because she is pissed off with Him and with life.

We have talked about Job's friends, and they teach an important lesson. We too often fail to be good comforters during life's trials. We should learn from this brief study of grief that Job's wife had a normal response to her suffering and grief, and that we need to accept this kind of response in others who suffer tragedy.

It is our job to be present and attentive to our friends and loved ones in their hour of need and desperation to help them get through it.

Yes, it sounds trite but…

we are to be the hands, feet and heart of the love of God to other people.


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