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Friday, January 27, 2012

Purpose and Destiny. Why are you here?

What are we here for?

This is an age-old question frequently asked everyone, the religious or spiritual,as well as those who are not so much.

It's a thorny issue that most of us have given at least a passing thought to. Am I here for a reason? What am I supposed to do? Am I doing "it"? Where am I supposed to be? Am I living out my purpose, or have I lost my way?

Or, to paraphrase that old Peggy Lee song, "Is that all there is?"

I will never claim to be an expert, guru or sage about life (or much else), but I think we are all here for a purpose. And, I think that most of us can sense when we are in the right path. But this isn't just about my personal path, or even yours, but about the people around us as well. We must surrender to the fact that each of us has purpose and meaning for ourselves as individuals, and corporately, even if it is not readily apparent to us at all times.

Change and the wheels of progress will roll on, but we must not permit them to roll over the people in our care or those we feel responsible for. We must remember that we are dealing with individuals, many of whom we can actually help.

We cannot become so focused on fulfilling our own destiny and purpose, pushing on toward the manifestation and completion of our vision, that we forget that we are dealing with people who have feelings, emotions and history.

Every living person has a purpose. I would go so far to say that I think that for the people we come into contact with, our purposes tend to be interconnected, like a jigsaw puzzle.

We are all in this together, whatever THIS is, or what we would like to consider this to be, today.

We each have a purpose. And, I am completely wrong in feeling that my life-purpose is somehow more important than someone else's. or somehow supersedes another’s.

As the scripture teaches us, we are each bestowed with different gifts. These gifts are given to serve us as we in turn serve others inside and outside of the Body of Christ.

I may be your boss (or vice versa), but our gifts and talents should bring some level of complementation (is that a word?) or completion and wholeness; rather than competition.

We each have different strengths and weaknesses. As leaders, especially as leaders, our job is to ferret out those strengths and weaknesses, and to show people the heights to which they can soar with what they already have inside.

We are each made with and for a purpose.
Live out yours, and help others live out theirs.

Why are you here?

What have you come to do?

Do that!



Bkangel said...

I know you were thinking of me when you wrote this blog! Thanks so much!

Martina said...

It's a message we all need to hear periodically. Including me. ;)