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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tweeting… because the Bible says I must!

What does the Bible have to say about…Tweeting?

What does the Bible say about tweeting?

Actually, the bible is very specific about social media (SoMe).

Starting out

I am usually an early adopter of technology, etc, but for some reason, I have been a little slow with getting into and onto Twitter and FaceBook.

I have been on Twitter for less than a year, a veritable newcomer, a newbie.

Who are all these people?

I have met a few kooks along the way, but the nice thing about Twitter is that you can block them and remove them from your radar altogether. This is a lot less messy than Junior and Senior high school ever were.

But for the most part, I have met lots of truly awesome and remarkable people. And what is so cool about social media is that I would not have had the remotest chance in the universe of ever meeting most of these people. In real life meetings would have been difficult, at best, because of time, distance, money, different social circles, and a hundred other little things.

I have met people who are business moguls, people who quietly do great things to change the world, and people who live amazing “ordinary” live so much different than my own, people who live in all parts of the globe, and people who struggle to get from one day to the next.

Still, each of them is great and unique and perfect in their own quirky and wonderful way. Who doesn’t have quirks? But I digress…


When I first started tweeting, I made a few shy intros, stopped in a few chat rooms, checked the stream every now and then to try to learn the ropes.
One of my personal interests is leadership and personal development. So, when I first started on Twitter, most of my quotes and interactions were centered on this singular passion.

Then I found myself tweeting from the rest of what makes and keeps me a whole person- my heart, mind and spirit.

And, this continues to evolve.

My morning ritual has expanded. Along with affirmations and quotes, on my way to work, as I am listening “church” music in my car- I started tweeting out a few lyrics with the #tworship tag.

Sometimes it is what moves me in the moment; sometimes I think it must be something that someone else needs to hear.

Lately, I have found myself tweeting in church. Lyrics from a song, a sermon title, a pithy phrase, a scriptural verse.

The Great Commission

And here is where we get back to the Bible. Initially I felt badly about the tweets, but then I remembered the Great Commission, Matthew 28: 16-20.
In plain English, Jesus is saying that He has left us here to reach out (“Go into all the world”) and touch and teach people.

There are so many people in this world who are hurting and lost and lonely and living behind masks. No one sees their everyday pain. No one sees them in their quiet desperation. No one “follows” them.

If our religion or spirituality or whatever we choose to call it is not reaching out to help someone else, then what good is it?

Reach, Touch and Teach...simple.

The Bible tells us to reach out to people wherever they are and to meet them in their need.

Are you?

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