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Monday, April 16, 2012

Three Words to Bind the Year

New Year’s Resolutions
We are about a third of the way through 2012. How’s it going for you?
I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but I thought I’d try something different this year. I’m not sure that I have ever made resolutions, but I have had many friends who do. My generalized experience has been that they have usually forgotten the resolution by the 3rd or 4th day of the year.
The second issue is that, our hearts aren’t really committed to the idea of giving up what we are trying to give up. We haven’t made plans for how we are going to accomplish the “thing”, and we have no backup or contingency plans. So, when we find we have failed to do it, we let it go.

Three Words
I am not certain where I first read about it, but I thought I would try “3 words” this year. These three words would serve as a focal point. I needed simple words that I could keep track easily of when confronted by practically any situation. Either the activity fit, or it didn’t. And if it did not fit, then some conscious action was required.
My words for 2012 are:
  • Body
  • Boundaries
  • Become

Body: Get healthier. Finally admit to myself that I don’t have a lot of extra time, nor do I have the current mindset in getting a lot of exercise. Hey, I’m just trying to be honest. So to work on this idea, I’d have to become more conscious about my eating habits.

Boundaries: This is a lot more complicated, as it turns out. I charged myself with taking an honest and serious look at my relationships, and the boundaries I have set within them. Some of the boundaries seem to have shifted, or been moved. Some of this has been good. Some has been bad. The boundary moves that I have given into “unwillingly” have usually left me angry with myself, if I'm honest. So, I needed to fix some, move some, let some people in closer, and push some people further away.

Become a better writer, among other things. Become “more” of what I was sent into this world to be.

What has happened in 4 months?
Body: I have lost about 10% of my body weight, feel better, and actually upgrading my wardrobe.
Boundaries: I have let a few people closer, and pushed a few away. Both of these processes were and continue to be difficult for me. I have many acquaintances, but few close friends. I guard my privacy, and actually enjoy my relative solitude.
But, there are people that I love and care deeply about, so I must show more of myself. There are people in my life who love me…if I let them.
The people in our lives who turn out to be users and abusers, and we must eventually push away from our hearts and out of our lives, even though it is painful.
Become: I enjoy writing. I do not think I am very good at it, but hopefully improving. And I am getting more comfortable with letting more of me- warts and all- show through.

Start or start over now
This 3 word system has worked extremely well for me this year. It covers a lot of ground, and I don’t have to remember a long affirmation. I can look at a situation and decide whether something suitable for me or not, and adjust accordingly.
Life is brief. We need to figure out who we are, what our values and purposes are, where we are going, and move forward.
It is not too late, to get back to the things you had planned to accomplish this year.
  • What’s your plan?
  • How are you going to re-establish your focus for the rest of 2012?
  • How are you going to stay on-point for the next 8 months?

Share with us, please…

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