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Friday, April 13, 2012

Transforming Our Lives

We often talk here about getting ourselves together, finding what’s inside of us, and moving forward. I have a pet theory, that says basically, we are all renaissance people. Let me explain…

Being placed in the Box
I could choose any number of things, but I will use art as an example. As a child, I could barely draw stick figures. I cannot count how many times my art teachers would look at renderings with “that look.” And, I know that eventually I absorbed those indictments of my artistic abilities into my psyche, and did not pursue anything in that direction.
I’d cringe at the thought of being “forced” to draw something in any situation. I’d start to sweat if a patient asked me to make a diagram of what I was trying to explain to them.
It's amazing what can happen when you relax...
When my children were young, we traveled frequently, when I had time off, so that I could expose them to a larger world than I grew up knowing. On one of these road trips, while we were sitting at in a restaurant, waiting to be served, I started copying one of the pictures on the wall. I was stunned at my results.
When I returned home I signed up for an art class. My first class was oil painting, and it went very well. Since that time I have tried and been reasonably successful in many other artistic media. I have taken stained glass, and made several pieces for my house. I have taken pottery classes, and been invited to join the local Clay Artist Guild, and many more things.
What’s my point?
As I said in the beginning, I subscribe to the theory that we are each renaissance people, by nature. Certainly, most of us will never be as creative as daVinci, or paint like Rembrandt, but we can each create. Each of us has some creation spirit within us.
We are often held back by the negative voices within and without. We feel we don’t have enough talent, education, training, time, materials, etc. We are all too often held back by simple fear.

And even though I have used art as an example, this conversation is not limited to that. I am talking about writing, acting, coaching, playing a new sport,etc. I am talking about intentionally stretching yourself.

Find your inner child. You know, the one you were before all the negativity started to seep into your mind and your life. Ask your heart, “What have I always wanted to try/ do/ be/ experience, but have been afraid?”
Pick one thing.
Look online. Look around locally. Check out museums or artist guilds for beginner classes. Stop by one of the local high schools or junior colleges. Look in the library. (I know, no one goes to the library any more). Trust me; there is a cheap way to learn more about your “secret” passion. And, education is the beginning of transformation.
Then, DO IT!
The sense of freedom, permission and liberation that you will feel will put a new sense of passion into many other areas of your life.
The person that we take the least care of is most often, ourselves. Be compassionate with and care for yourself. Begin to see yourself through new lenses. You are so much more than you give yourself credit for.
If you can dream it, you can Do it!!
“Change is the essence of life.
Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become.” Unknown

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